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Salon Owner & Senior Stylist

Debbie is the Salon Owner of Freedom Hair Design and is also a Senior Stylist. With over 30 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, she lends her passion and expertise to her staff and clientelle. Before opening Freedom Hair Design, Debbie managed a number of hair salons in Sydney and owned 5 other salons. Since opening Freedom Hair Design, Debbie has received numerous awards including the Redken Excel Business Award and the Southern Highlands Business of the Year Award.


What do you love about hair dressing?








What inspired you to choose this profession?    








What are you proud of when it comes to what you do?  










What inspires you?   




I love that the industry is constantly changing, there is something new to learn every single day.

I love having the oppotunity to interact with my clients, meet new people and get to know those

who have been coming to Freedom for years


I am inspired by my beautiful family. I also love seeing the girls in the salon grow and learn, it inspires me to be able to be a part of an industry which is always evolving and changing, it's always interesting

I chose Hairdressing because I was bought up with family who owned and operated businesses, a cousin of mine had her own hairdressing salon in Kiama, and as a child I would go in and help her out. I developed a love and passion for hairdressing from a young age and loved to see the changing fashions and new trends


I'm very proud of what we have created at Freedom Hair Design. It has been such a pleasure and makes me very proud that we have been able to apprentice and train so many local girls into the hairdressing industry over the past 30 years. 


We are also very proud that we are able to contribute and give back to our local community

with numerous charities and fundraisers

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